How Do Traffic Tickets Affect Your Insurance in North Carolina?

Traffic Tickets Affect Your Insurance It’s only a speeding ticket. What’s the problem?

Anyone who has lived in North Carolina long enough and paid insurance premiums, knows traffic tickets can result in points.

That’s particularly true if you live in the Triangle area and Durham, where the costs for insurance can be significantly more than smaller towns in the region.

Insurance premiums, at least in part, have to do with where you drive and how many cars are on the road.

If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area, given the heavy traffic and the number of wrecks that result in injuries, insurance rates can get expensive real fast.

Getting a speeding ticket or other type of traffic ticket can make already high premiums even higher.

Obviously, a lot depends on your prior record, the type of ticket the officer issues, and the severity of the allegations.

What Should I do if I Get a Ticket?

First, don’t panic.

Traffic tickets in Durham are something Cole Williams has been helping people with for more than two decades.

While each case is different, again depending on the type of citation, there may be legal options available to avoid NC DMV points.

Lawyers also do their best for clients to avoid insurance points.

"Traffic tickets demand careful attention to detail. They can be deceptively complex."

- Cole Williams, Durham Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been issued a citation, we can help answer questions like:

  • Are there insurance points?
  • Will my insurance go up after a ticket?
  • What’s the difference between North Carolina DMV points and insurance points?
  • How should I handle my ticket?
  • Will I need to go to court?
  • What kind of fees, court costs and fines can I expect?

Good news!

You’re asking all the right questions.

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NC DMV – Driver License Points in North Carolina

The “points system” in North Carolina is relatively complicated.

To be fair, it might be better referred to as “points systems.”

There are two.

Driver’s license points, or what defense lawyers may refer to as “DMV points” involve your ability to drive.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles (NC DMV) track points for convictions of moving violations.

Insurance points, although related, are technically different.

If you accumulate too many motor vehicle points over a period of time, NC DMV has the authority to revoke or suspend your license.

Insurance points can result in increased insurance premiums.

Your insurance rates are subject to a relatively complicated NC traffic law called the Safe Driver Incentive Plan in North Carolina.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer?

If you were issued a traffic citation in Durham, you may represent yourself in court.

An attorney is not required.

"Just because you can do something, that doesn’t mean should do something. We think, given the complexities and consequences of a possible conviction, it makes sense to have a criminal lawyer on your side."

- Cole Williams, Durham Attorney

In most instances, we can help you with your ticket.

You may not be required to come to court but that will be dependent on exactly what you have been charged with by the officer.

Certain traffic tickets may be handled by your attorney by waiver.

But, that is not always the case.

There are certain traffic cases in Durham that may require your attendance in court.

There are substantial differences between an infraction for running a red light and the issuance of a Uniform Citation for Driving While License Revoked.

That’s especially true if your license is revoked for a prior DWI charge better known as Driving While License Revoked based upon and Impaired Driving Revocation.

What is a PJC?

Traffic Tickets Affect Your Insurance Some people confuse a Prayer for Judgment or “PJC” with a dismissal.

A “prayer for judgment continued” is not the same thing as getting your charges dismissed.

While a PJC may not necessarily involve the issuance of motor vehicle points by the Division of Motor Vehicles, there are limitations.

There are also times when your friends and, or family may be telling you to use your PJC like they did but it may not be in your best interest or the time necessary to use it given your driving record. There very well likely may be other options to resolve your case without using your PJC.

Therefore, working to limit both insurance points and motor vehicle points, through negotiating traffic tickets is an important part of the job for traffic ticket lawyers in Durham.

As such, negotiating traffic tickets and working to limit, if not eliminate points, makes sense.

Can I Get My Ticket Thrown Out?

People also sometimes make the mistake of assuming that because they have a clean record, they can get their charges dismissed.

It’s by no means automatic.

"Defense lawyers are a good idea. Wading through NC DMV points issues, the respective insurance laws, and court appearances can all take a toll on people. We are here to help."

- Cole Williams, Durham Traffic Ticket Lawyer

What are Insurance Points?

Calculating insurance points in North Carolina, can be a little complicated.

Points can be issued for at fault accidents as well as for moving violations.

Insurance points may be assessed for certain traffic tickets, including both misdemeanor charges and infractions.

Each case is different. If you have questions about your citation and how it will affect your insurance, we recommend you speak with an experienced Durham traffic ticket attorney.

  1. Driving While Impaired in North Carolina (“impaired driving/drunk driving”) carries 12 Insurance Points
  2. Speed Competitions “Drag Racing,” if “prearranged,” also carries 12 Insurance Points
  3. Reckless Driving (Careless and Reckless charges) may result in 4 Insurance Points
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