Criminal Defense

Drunk Driving Murder Charges in Durham We help clients with all types of criminal charges in Durham County, North Carolina. From simple traffic tickets, to allegations of murder and manslaughter, you deserve an experienced criminal defense attorney.

If you (or someone your love) are accused of something, please remember this:

  • You are innocent until proven guilty
  • The State has the Burden of Proof, not you
  • The legal standard of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt is very high
  • You have the right to remain silent
  • You should remain silent
  • If under arrest, you have the right to speak to a lawyer
  • You should not talk to the police or give a statement
  • You should speak to an attorney right away
  • You cannot be punished for demanding your Constitutional Rights
  • You should be polite in exercising your legal rights

“It can be an anxious time right after an arrest. That’s normal. The legal system is unfamiliar territory for the majority of people. We are here to help you understand and get through it.”

– Cole Williams, Durham Criminal Defense Lawyer

How Do Defense Attorneys Help?

If you have little to no prior experience with the legal system, you may not know what lawyers do. Sure, everyone has seen all the TV shows involving courtroom drama, but that’s really nothing like reality.

Complex legal issues that can forever affect your life cannot be closed out in a ½ hour in real life. Defending criminal charges demands hard work, preparation, and attention to detail.

The truth is, the job of a defense lawyer is a lot more complicated than a tough cross-examination in court or making a compelling jury argument. Legal representation that begins prior to the institution of charges can be crucial. In fact, it can make the difference between whether charges are brought or not.

One reason for that is attorneys help protect and preserve important evidence for the defense. That may be as simple as going to the scene and taking pictures. It also may involve advising clients to remain silent or giving a statement, thus limiting evidence the State may gather against you.

Defense lawyers are your mouthpiece.

If you’re in that position now, stop reading and call us immediately.

Defense lawyers also carefully review the materials prepared by the State as part of its investigation. Knowing what evidence the State has and does not have may be key to your defense.

“I think one of the more valuable parts of legal representation is the information and advice defense lawyers provide. I’ve been practicing law for almost 25 years. Courtroom experience helps guide my opinions.”

– Cole Williams

Lawyers help you understand the best-case and worst-case scenarios based upon our training and courtroom experience. What has happened in the past may be an indicator of what could happen in the future.

More than anything, as defense attorneys, we explain things to clients. We want you to understand how the legal system works. That may involve taking time to answer questions like:

  • What is an indictment?
  • Should I plead guilty?
  • Is my case a felony or misdemeanor charge?
  • Can I go to jail?
  • Is probation possible?
  • Will I be found guilty?

We want to sit down with you and talk. Legal representation for criminal charges is often a process. There are steps to follow, sometimes beginning first with a phone call to a detective, investigator, or other type of law enforcement officer.

Should I Give a Statement? Do I Have to Talk to Police?

Durham Criminal Defense Attorneys 5th Amendment We’re glad you’re asking questions and gathering information. That means you may have an idea how important a defense attorney maybe in your case.

Criminal defense lawyers don’t represent the State or its interests. We defend people. We stand side-by-side with you in court, advocating for your legal rights.

To the best of our abilities we zealously defend your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.

“If the police have called to ‘clear some things up,’ chances are, you’re a suspect. Stop talking. Be polite and say this, ‘I want to talk to a lawyer.”

– Cole Williams, Criminal Defense Attorney

You are not required to speak to the police or give a statement. In fact, it’s probably a better idea not to say anything at all. Exercise your Fifth Amendment Constitutional Rights, whether you’ve done anything wrong or not.

Police officers, just like prosecutors and defense attorneys, have a job. They work hard to gather evidence and prove their case.

You cannot be punished for exercising your constitutional rights. Put simply, if you’re going to talk to anyone, make it a criminal defense lawyer in Durham.

Cole Williams is a fabulous courtroom attorney. He's someone I respect and admire, having litigated complex legal matters in Durham with him. Our firm regularly refers clients to Cole and his staff, knowing they'll be treated in a kind, professional manner. Bill Powers, Charlotte Attorney
I've known Cole Williams both personally and professionally for more than 20 years. Cole has a keen legal mind and tenacious spirit. He is widely respected both in the Durham legal community and in North Carolina as a courtroom advocate. I highly recommend Cole Williams to you. John Fanney, Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney