Violating a 50B Domestic Violence Protective Order

If you or someone you know has been charged with violating a 50B Domestic Violence Protective Order, it’s important to understand the possible consequences. Violation of Domestic Violence Protective Order Durham NC

Wilfully violating a DVPO – Domestic Violence Protective Order is a serious criminal charge in North Carolina.

A conviction can result in jail time, fines, and a permanent criminal record.

Indeed, the maximum period of imprisonment for a Class A1 Misdemeanor is 150 days.

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What is a Domestic Violence Protective Order in North Carolina and what are the penalties for breaking one?

A Domestic Violence Protective Order, or DVPO, is a legal order issued by a North Carolina court that is designed to protect victims of domestic violence from their abusers.

Lawyers may also refer to it as a “50B Order.”

The number 50B refers to the section in North Carolina law (N.C.G.S. Chapter 50B – Domestic Violence) that defines the order and what they may include.

The penalties for violating a DVPO can be severe.

Do I need a Lawyer? 

The order can do things like require the abuser to stay away from the victim’s home and workplace, prohibit the abuser from contacting the victim, and force the abuser to surrender any firearms he or she may have.

If the Defendant violates the terms of the DVPO, that may be considered a Class A1 Misdemeanor, which carries up to 150 days of jail time.

Depending on the facts of the case and the defendant’s prior criminal history, a judge may also order mental health or substance abuse treatment.

If you or someone you know has been charged with violating a DVPO, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately – Cole Williams, Criminal Defense Attorney

An attorney can review the case and explain the best-case and worst-case scenarios.

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How long does a 50B Order last in North Carolina?

A 50B Domestic Violence Protective Order (50B) can last up to one year in North Carolina, although the exact length of time depends on the specific Court Order and circumstances of each case. Violating Restraining Order

In order for a 50B to be extended beyond this initial one-year period, both parties must agree, or a court must rule that an extension is necessary and reasonable.

It is recommended that if you stand accused of committing “acts of domestic violence,” you seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer who can guide you through the court process.

What is an Ex Parte Order?

An Ex Parter order is a court order that is issued without notice to the other party or parties in the case.

Ex parte orders are typically issued in emergency situations where there are allegations of an immediate risk of harm to one of the parties involved.

Complaint for DVPO – 50B 

For example, if someone has been threatened with violence, an Ex Parte order may be issued to protect that person from the threat of harm.

Ex Parte orders are temporary, and typically last 10 days or until a full hearing may be set to determine whether the Domestic Violence Protective Order should be extended.

A hearing will take place where both parties can present their case and arguments before the judge, also known as “the Court.”

DVPO hearings do not involve a jury. The District Court Judge in North Carolina decides whether or not to extend the restraining order further – Cole Williams, Durham Attorney 

Can I see my kids if I have a 50B Order against me?

50B Orders may be put in place to protect the alleged victim(s), including children.

It can sometimes be difficult to navigate the 50B orders and figure out what that means for seeing your children.

Depending on the 50B Order, visitation may still be an option.

Some 50Bs may include a “no contact” clause which would prevent visitation or contact of any kind with the other parent and children in common.

What happens if the 50B Order is denied?

If the District Court denies the 50B Order, it would mean that any terms set forth in the original Ex Parte Order are no longer in effect.

It’s important to remember that the decision made regarding a 50B Order can have a significant impact on those involved in these cases.

We think it’s critical to understand Domestic Violence legal issues should be handled with extreme care and attention to detail.

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How much are legal fees?

Legal fees vary depending on the complexity and severity of each case.

As you might understand, felony charges like Embezzlement or Drug Trafficking are generally more complicated and time-consuming, and therefore more expensive, than something like a traffic ticket.

We realize that this may be a difficult time for you.  We enjoy helping people and want to make legal fees affordable.

Violating a 50B is a Class A1 Misdemeanor in North Carolina. That’s serious stuff that can carry lon glasting consequences – Cole Williams, Durham Criminal Defense Lawyer

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It is important that you understand the different parts of a 50B Order and what they mean for you.

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